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James Robinson

The plan resembles a frontier 'dog trot'. Was that your intention?
Best Regards,

Tom Zender

Hi Taliesen Students,
As a former resident of Phoenix I love your work, thank you! I am considering returning to the area and I am interested in your home. Approximately how much would it cost for me to build one of these in the Phoenix area?
Best always,


I really like this prototype. It deserves a website of it's own to share all the details and drawings. It would be so valuable to us who are interested. As it stands the whole project and it's construction is quite vague.

Chris Davies

OK, I've already built a house based on Jacobs #1.

Now I need a small holiday retreat.

How much for a ModFab Kit? How much to ship it to New Zealand?

Please reply to the email address in this post. Thanks.


We'll have to try and get those for everyone. Stay tuned...

John Brzezinski

It would be nice to see a site plan and elevations. At least a north arrow on the drawing would be helpful.

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