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Rob Barros

I am sorry to report these watches apparently are not well-made. I am a hobbyist woodworker, so love the "With every purchase, a tree is planted" concept. So, I bought one in late April. It is amazingly light and the links don't even snag on the hair of my arms! It quickly became my favorite watch that I've owned, EVER! Yet, it failed by August.

WeWood has provided wonderful customer support and frankly I was stunned when they selected to exchange the original for a new watch! I was just looking for suggestions.

Now, within a month the replacement watch has failed in the same manner.

I have treated both as if dress watches, never abusing or subjecting them to adverse elements (read that as: never getting them wet, in a shower, washing hands, etc.) My work environment is an air-conditioned office and I only travel sporadically.

So, I took the replacement to a jeweler for inspection and/or a battery replacement. It tries to run with the both original battery as well as a new battery, but... He reported their is nothing in their construction to seal them. So, the mechanisms are "effectively subject even to the humidity in the air". And we have had a humid summer.

I even asked the jeweler to estimate the cost of a guaranteed mechanism... nearly $200.

It is with true regret, I must report, "Never sweat!" (if you're wearing it)

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